What Happens at My Wedding Rehearsal and Do I Really Need One?

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What IS a Wedding Rehearsal?

This is a run-through of your wedding ceremony and your planner/officiant will go over each aspect of the ceremony from entrance (processional) to exit (recessional). This is the time to make sure everyone knows where they belong and when and to practice any significant moments.

You’ll also cover important details that ensure flawless wedding photos, like the height bouquets should be carried or if any hands should be in pockets. Pro Tip: Wear your wedding day shoes to the rehearsal so you can practice walking down the aisle in them!

Who Needs to be There?

If someone is walking down the aisle, they need to be in attendance. This includes parents, possibly grandparents, your full wedding party (including flower girls and ring bearers), and of course, you and your sweetheart! Likewise if they are a special part of your ceremony (like a reader or singer during the event), it’s great to have them attend. Other immediate family members and ushers don’t need to attend. 

But Why Do I Have to Have ANOTHER Event?

We’ve been planning weddings for over 7 years and consistently, without fail, no matter how put together your wedding party is, someone (or a few people) will be late or even no shows! But because there’s a rehearsal, someone else in the wedding party can catch that person up before your actual wedding ceremony! 

This is also such a great time for your planner to put faces to all the names we’ve been chatting about for months. You and your family and wedding party can also take this time to ask questions and practice all timing, spacing, etc. You’ll also be able to shake off all those pre-wedding jitters (and the rehearsal doesn’t have to be PERFECT!) so it’s smooth sailing the following day.

Wait…The Day BEFORE?

Yep! It’s pretty standard to schedule the wedding rehearsal the day before your wedding. Pro Tip: Try to schedule it at the same time of day as your ceremony (if you’re having an outdoor ceremony) so you’ll be able to know exactly what your lighting will look like. Dependent on the day of the week and the availability of your ceremony venue, it can be tough to accommodate everyone’s schedules, but your family and wedding party is expecting to participate in this event and if you give them enough lead time, they’ll put it on their schedule. Especially if you have them out of there in less than an hour (work with us and you will!) and since you’re likely feeding them after at the rehearsal dinner!

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