How to Thank Your Wedding Party

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Custom gifting from Camden & Blue

Custom gifting from Camden & Blue

As the couple getting married, you’re obviously the stars of the wedding. But what about your wedding party? They’ve put in time, money, and energy to make your day as special as possible. So how can you show your wedding party you appreciate them? Read on.

Pay What You Can

If you have the financial stability to take care of certain wedding aspects that may be a burden to your wedding party, then whip out your wallet! If you can buy the attire for the wedding party or cover hair and makeup, it will be a gesture that won’t go unnoticed.

Gift With Purpose

You want to not only thank your wedding party with words but with gifts, too. And you want to make sure you are giving gifts they can ACTUALLY use. Personalize the gifts for your wedding party – don’t just slap their name on a generic tumbler. Take what they like into your gifts. You can create personalized gifts through gifting companies like Camden & Blue. You could also take everyone in the group to the spa for an impromptu relaxation day. Are some of your wedding party members out of town? Spafinder offers gift cards that are valid for thousands of locations so your wedding party members across the country can be pampered as well!

Make Their Responsibilities Clear

This one is not just helpful to the wedding party, but is self-care for you! Does the best man know when his toast is and how long it should be? Does your out-of-town friend know exactly where and when the wedding rehearsal is? Give your wedding party a clear-cut schedule so they know what they need to do and when. This will also help set your expectations in case there is anything someone didn’t realize they needed to do ahead of time!

Anticipate Their Needs

Have your getting ready location stocked with bottled water, easy over-the-counter beauty needs (like bandaids and extra hairspray), and even bring a few extra chargers! It’s going to be a longggg day for your crew, so make sure you’re feeding them. Having the wedding party over early to get ready? Make sure to bring in breakfast so they’re starting their day off with plenty of energy.

Attitude = Gratitude

Most importantly, stay as respectful as humanly possible. Weddings can get stressful enough, so make sure you’re showing your wedding party how much you care about them with an air of gratefulness. Take the extra time to write thank you notes, tell them thank you often, and let them know how grateful you are.

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