What does a wedding planner do?

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It was never my plan to become a wedding planner. In fact, until I began the process of planning my own interfaith, interracial wedding in 2012, my only understanding of what a wedding planner did was from (terrible) 2000’s rom-com movies about the profession. I’m looking at you, J. Lo. 

It can be hard to cut through all of the wedding planning noise and plan a day that’s meaningful to you and your partner. This is where a wedding planner comes in.

As your wedding planner, it’s my job to ensure that your wedding day honors the love you and your partner have for each other and the values you share. This is different for every couple, so it’s up to me to help you figure out what’s most important and make it happen. So just what else does a wedding planner do? Let’s get into it!

1. Plan a day that’s perfectly you

We pride ourselves on creating events that celebrate you and your partner’s love. As your wedding planner, we take the time at the beginning of the wedding planning process to listen. It’s important for us to ask hard-hitting questions to really understand what our couples want and why especially if their wedding is non-traditional or inclusive of many different cultural traditions.

2. Keep the planning process on track

Things happen. A wedding planner can help you brave through any unexpected aspects of wedding planning. Right now, COVID-19 has changed a lot of plans. After months (or years) of planning, many couples are being forced to make tough decisions about rescheduling their weddings. If you haven’t already hired a wedding planner, now is the time to get one on your team. You need an advocate who can help you navigate these weird times.

3. Allow you to live in the moment

You might be wondering…do I really need a wedding planner? Yes! And let me tell you why. There’s so much that will happen behind the scenes on your wedding day. Keeping guests happy. Taking action when a vendor goes off script (or doesn’t show up…eek!) and running the show and keeping everything on time. It’s the wedding planner’s job to make sure you and your partner get to live in the moment and actually enjoy the day you’ve thoughtfully planned.

Your planner can also help you identify vendors to carry out your wedding vision and are usually responsible for developing your wedding day timeline, ceremony and reception layouts and sometime around one to two months before your wedding, take over all vendor communications.

It’s important to hire a wedding planner that you vibe with. Here’s what one of our couples said after their free consultation with us: Within the first five minutes on the phone with Courtney-Rose, we clicked. We knew she was the one pretty much immediately and hired her on the spot.

It’s my hope that whether you hire Dantus & Co. or another company, you too have this a-ha moment with your wedding planner! When interviewing different wedding planning companies, consider if you’d enjoy interacting with them over the long-haul or see if you share some of the same values. We feel incredibly fortunate to call many of our client’s friends after their weddings.

We’d love to help you plan a wedding that is stress-free and totally you. Let’s chat!

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