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I’m sure you’ve seen those epic photos of couples having the absolute time of their lives as they dash through rows of their friends and family holding sparklers to their exit vehicle. They’re amazing – but sparklers are not without their issues. Not every venue allows sparklers for your end of the night send-off. And let’s be real, fire combined with a hundred of your beloved (yet very tipsy) friends and family does not always make for a winning combination.

If you’re getting married in Washington, D.C., Maryland or Northern Virginia, read on for suggestions for other wedding send-off ideas to end your night with a bang!


1. Champagne Toast

We love the idea of your guests sending you off with a toast. Work with your caterer or bartender service to prepare poured glasses of champagne just prior to your exit that your guests can grab on their way out.

Then just before you head into your exit vehicle, you and your partner pop a bottle of champagne in the middle of the action with cheers from your guests in the background.

It’s probably a good idea to secure shuttle service for your guests if you go with this option so you can be sure everyone gets back to their hotel safely.

2. Colorful Smoke Bombs

These are a great option if your wedding will wrap-up before sunset. These too will take some coordination as they need to be lit and on a windy day can cause some visibility issues for you and your guests and need to be held away from your wedding day attire to ensure they don’t stain.

But there’s no denying we look forward to seeing more of this colorful trend in the year ahead.

3. Drumline

Was anybody else obsessed with the Nick Cannon movie Drumline from the early 2000’s? Sadly, I had some serious unfulfilled goals of becoming a majorette. But I digress. Just imagine a dynamic drumline sending you and your guests off with flair at the end of the night.


4. Soul Train Line

Did you really even have a wedding if you didn’t have a Soul Train line? Use your wedding exit as an opportunity for one last epic dance party.

Final Thoughts

You’ll notice that we didn’t put any single-use or throw-away items like confetti, glitter, streamers, lanterns or rose petals on this list. Honestly, we’re not big fans of these options as they can be harmful to the environment and wildlife and can be a pain to clean-up at the end of the night.

What ideas did we miss that you love? Let us know in the comments.

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