3 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Manager

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What is a Wedding Manager:

So you have just recently gotten engaged! Congratulations!

Once all of the excitement turns into the reality of planning, you will ask yourself “what should I do now that I’m engaged ”. I’m here to tell you- hire a wedding manager. We are here for you!

A wedding manager from a planning company like Dantus & Co. Events will join your team from the time you’ve booked your venue to the moment you say your vows and even after you’ve jetted off on your honeymoon.

Here are the 3 biggest reasons you should hire a wedding manager

Reason 1: Your wedding manager takes the stress away on the big day.

This season of life will bring you and your future spouse many new experiences. One of them being a full plate of new responsibilities. Your full-time jobs, wedding planning, your family’s opinions about traditions, and more.

SAY NO MORE! Hiring a wedding manager allows you to hand off those time-consuming responsibilities to a professional in the final few months before your wedding day!

Your wedding manager can help you develop your wedding day timeline, confirm your vendors, guide and instruct your wedding party and manage all of the styling of your personal details and decor like escort cards, signage and more on the day of your wedding. The big day is about you and your spouse, a wedding manager allows you to enjoy getting married! 

Reason 2: Insider knowledge and exposure to new ideas. 

You are spending hours scrolling Pinterest for the most beautiful fresh wedding ideas. Invest in a wedding manager’s knowledge! This is what they do every day. Looking for last-minute vendor options, your wedding manager has the most brilliant ideas, and they will know the most amazing vendors and the services they provide to make everything happen according to your vision. 

Reason 3: Always prepared!

There will always be those last minute details that pop up on the big day. Like a groomsman button pops off his shirt or a bridesmaid gets a small stain on the front of her dress. It’s going to be ok, take a deep breath! Wedding managers ALWAYS come prepared with a plan A & B.  This includes a well stocked emergency kit with a first-aid kit, sewing kit, stain remover, ibuprofen, lipstick, bobby pins, make-up remover and everything in between. At Dantus & Co. we alway have at least 3 sets of hands on wedding day to ensure we can jump in and help out as things arise. So, all you have to do is sit back and take in all of the moments.

Bonus: Helping you save that extra cash.

We realize not everyone can hire a full service wedding planner. What we can tell you is that a wedding manager ensures you’re supported throughout the wedding planning process while sticking to your budget.

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